Every year we make our way to Esslingen, a town just to the southeast of Stuttgart proper. The town plays host to a wonderful Christmas market, a great German Sekt (sparkling wine) manufacturer, a gorgeous old city center, and an annual wine walk attended by people from miles around.

This year, the annual wine walk took place on May 22, a Sunday.

Of course, we gathered our friends and made a trip into the vineyards for another wine walk. The walk is about 5 kilometers long in total and winds its way through the vineyards on the outskirts of town. You can park, bus, or take a train into the city center, walk through the old medieval streets, and then saunter up into the vineyards nearby.

There are six stations with various wine merchants and food stands. You walk, stop, drink, eat, walk, stop, drink, eat, etc., and stumble toward the end of the tour none the wiser.

Best secret to the event? Keep eating if you want to stay (nominally) sober. You can usually find bread, cheese, and bratwurst at each stand. Once you reach the end of the walk you can sit down, kick back, and enjoy an ox tail sandwich while listening to an great German brass band. The perfect way to end your time in the vineyards.

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