A day after visiting Lichtenstein Castle, we took another quick journey to the old German city of Nuremberg. The city has been around for a thousand years, so from a historical standpoint, it is an intimidating place.

It was a short visit, but we managed a pleasing walk through the city in a single afternoon. We will certainly come back in the future, but anyone interested in retracing our steps would be rewarded with a lovely walk.

We started near the Wetterhäuschen Lorenzkirche an old church south of the Pegnitz River.


Above, the Wetterhäuschen Lorenzkirche.

From the old church, we walked due north and across the river into an old market square. This is the same square where the city holds its world famous Christmas market in December.


The Mittelalterliche Lochgefängnisse above, an old medieval prison.

From this location, we continued walking north toward the Mittelalterliche Lochgefängnisse and Altes Rathaus. From this area, we were able to make out the castle that rests upon a nearby hill in the northern area of the city center. We made our way up the steep hill to the castle, eventually doubling back south along the same town road, winding around the Sankt Sebaldus Kirche nearby.


The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg.

From there, we walked back to the market square, enjoyed a drink, and watched the crowds until we decided to head home.


The Nuremberg market square. The perfect place to people watch while sitting for an afternoon beer or coffee.

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