Schloss Lichtenstein, perched on a cliff, offers a great snapshot.

On April 1, we traveled to Schloss Lichtenstein near Reutlingen in Baden-Württemberg. The castle is an old favorite. We’ve been there many times since 2014 since it’s so close to where we live. You can do a tour of the interior for a pittance or simply walk around the castle grounds. The castle isn’t old, but instead was built in the 19th century when Germany was going through its romantic period.

The scenery is beautiful and the surrounding terrain is striking. The castle itself is built at the teetering edge of a stone cliff-side. This gives you an up close view of a sheer, several hundred meter drop. In true German fashion, there are walking trails near the cliff that have no guard rails whatsoever, leaving you quite exposed to danger if you like that sort of thing.


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